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About River Community Services


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River Community Services is a local based organization in Sacramento California developed by The River Church. RCS is committed and passionate about strategically meeting the needs of residents in North Natomas in partnership with local businesses, non-profits, residents, and governments. In 2009, with volunteers from The River Church, we completed an asset based assessment of Natomas. The surveys, interviews, and focus groups that made up this assessment helped us ascertain the greatest assets and greatest unmet needs of our community. We are looking forward to developing future key community service initiatives based on the data collected.

River Community Services Values


rcs values

    • Kindness:  acts of personal kindness and harmonized service to others is our trademark.


    • Collaboration:  intentional and strategic partnerships result in effective service.


    • Destination:  we establish environments that result in lasting physical, relational and spiritual change.


    • Enhance we align real resources with real needs.

About Natomas


about natomas

Although technically not a city of its own, North Natomas has the feel of an official California suburb. This master planned community is growing each and every day. North Natomas is seven miles from downtown Sacramento and California’s state capitol building, at the intersection of Interstate 5 and Interstate 80. North Natomas is diverse ethnically, economically, and in the age of its residents. Because there are multiple schools within a five-mile radius, elementary through high school students make up a large portion of the North Natomas community.

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